What is DFSCoin?

Purpose – DFSCoin will be used as in game currency on DraftDaily.com, FavLucci.com and other daily fantasy sports sites using the MajorLeagueDFS.com API suite, the FanVictor.com Platform and other partner networks.

About – DFSCoin is the official crypto coin for fantasy sports that allows sports fans world wide to play in contests and tournaments without restriction and to provide DFS sites a cost effective way of processing payments with out the risk of fraud or charge backs.

Why DFSCoin - Traditional payment processors who service the DFS industry are expensive and have a high risk of fraud and charge backs. DFSCoin transactions only cost .001 DFS and are much more secure than Paypal or credit cards. Fantasy sports players can be assured their deposited funds are properly segregated from from company expense accounts and verifiable on the blockchain.

DFSCoin Specs:

Total Coin Supply: 210,000,000 | Premine Amount: 42,000,000
Abbreviation: DFS | Algorithm: Scrypt | Type: PoW/PoS | PoW Reward: 20 DFS | PoS Reward: 8% / Yr | Coinbase Maturity: 100 Blocks | Target Spacing: 64 Seconds | Confirmations: 3 Blocks

Github link: https://github.com/NicoDFS/DFSCoin
Slack: https://dfscoin.herokuapp.com/
Coin Page: http://dfscoins.com/
YouTube: https://goo.gl/9CKUvn
Twitter: @DraftLikeABoss + @DFSCoin

DFSCoin Wallet Links:

Windows - https://github.com/NicoDFS/DFSCoin/raw/master/dfscoin-qt-windows.zip
Linux - https://github.com/NicoDFS/DFSCoin/raw/master/dfscoin-qt-linux.tar.gz


Additional Information:

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Github Repo

Windows Wallet Download

Linux Wallet Download